No One is Topping This Mannequin Challenge Which Happened During a Basketball Game

We will confess, in all candor, that we no longer thought that the mannequin challenge was a thing. Apparently, it was. But after this one, we cannot imagine that it will continue to be a thing for much longer, because we are extremely hard-pressed to imagine anybody possibly topping this.

It happened during the Korean Basketball League’s All-Star game this past Sunday. A player took a shot from the top of the key, and immediately after the ball hit the rim, both teams froze. And not just those who were on the floor. The players on the bench, and even the coaches got in on the fun.

To be fair, several people were unable to hold the pose. The player who shot the ball, for instance, couldn’t help but crack a smile. The same goes for several players on the bench.

But while the execution may not have been a 10, the conception certainly was. This routine was very well planned, and extremely well timed. Compliments to all.

Watch above, via YouTube and Buzz Basketball.

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