‘No Real Men’ in The White House: Mika Brzezinski Unloads on Cabinet Sycophants

Morning Joe still cannot get over that weird cabinet meeting.

Despite hours of testimony from Attorney General Jeff Sessions to chew over, the gang at the popular MSNBC morning show could not help but devote more airtime to the president’s bizarre gathering of his senior staff, which show regular David Ignatius called a “parade of sycophancy.”

Though the ground was well covered yesterday, Mika Brzezinski reminded viewers that she still wasn’t a fan of the whole thing and suggested that there weren’t any real men in the White House to tell the President what he needed to hear.

“Let me just say. There are no real men in the inner circle of the White House. None at all,” she said.

“Well there’s your headline today,” Scarborough commented off camera (in seems rather accurately)

The pair then moved on to an interview with Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell, but Brzezinski couldn’t help taking one late shot.

“That’s just true!”

Brzezinski’s observation about “real men” came after earlier complaining about sexism toward California’s Democratic Senator Kamala Harris, a subject she promised a more extensive exploration of when Harris is planned to make a scheduled appearance later in the show.

It was also just one day after Scarborough said on-air that he and Mika were looking to “report more news and offer less harsh biting criticism” in future programs.

… Seems that plan out the window.

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