There Was No Sign Of The Historic Health Care Debate On TV — But, Follow It On Twitter!

50368141Yesterday was an exciting — and momentous — day on the House floor as the Health Care reform legislation was furiously debated. It’s been debated just as furiously on Twitter, and — just like the debate in the House — it’s gone on into the night.

You wouldn’t know it from MSNBC, who aired a “Caught on Camera” documentary, or CNN, who aired a Fort Hod special, or Fox News, which carried a live news conference from Fort Hood, followed by Huckabee. That said, CSPAN’s had all the action, and MSNBC has an embeddable streaming player (see below) and HuffPo has a page of breaking news updates and the NYT’s Prescriptives blog is chronicling the weekend’s events. CSPAN, God love ‘em, has speeches on the floor organized online member by member.

For our part, Mediaite’s Tweetfinder will keep you caught up in real time — see below, followed by MSNBC’s livestream of the ongoing debate.

Update: Fox News carried Pelosi’s speech on the floor live.

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