Norwegian Newspaper Kills Santa (In Obituary Posted by Accident)

santaA Norwegian newspaper accidentally printed Santa Claus‘ obituary, announcing the jolly bringer of toys died mere weeks before he was to turn 227 years old.

According to the BBC, Aftenposten––one of the biggest newspapers in Norway––posted an obituary announcing that Father Christmas, who was born December 12th 1788, died on Thursday in Nordkapp, Norway.

The obituary notes that funeral services will be held at the “North Pole Chapel” on December 28th (which, really, misses the mark by about three days, but whatever).

After the paper found out about its mistake, it took down the obituary and said, “Aftenposten has strict guidelines for both the content and use of symbols in our obituaries. This ad is a violation of these and should never have been published.”

They’re looking into what happened. At press time there was no comment on the status of Santa Claus, but a group of private investigators is looking into the matter.

[h/t TIME]
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