Not Out of the Woods? White House Reportedly Fears ‘Plenty of Unflattering Stuff’ on Trump in Full Mueller Report

President Trump speaks at his first rally after Barr's summary of the Mueller report.

The question of whether President Donald Trump and his allies are becoming concerned about what exactly is in the report is the latest topic of buzz in D.C. And New York Magazine‘s Olivia Nuzzi reports that the people around the President are worried he’s oversold “exoneration.”

“[A]s the excitement waned, ‘cooler heads’ emerged in the White House with brand-new anxieties about a president inclined to inflict self-harm by taking things too far,” Nuzzi wrote in her report for New York Magazine‘s Intelligencer. An unnamed senior White House official is quoted as saying that there will be “plenty of unfavorable things about the president in the full report,” and expressed concern about “overdoing it” on celebration.

But not every official quoted felt that way, and at least one bashed the media for expecting Trump not to flog victory.

“Well, you guys harp on this for two years, and then it happens and it’s like, ‘Oh! Are you gonna be able to let this go?’ I don’t mean you specifically, but the media in general, everybody waited and dug and searched and hoped every day for a new Russia story.”

Nuzzi in her report writes that Trump, “who is, after all, still reliving the events of the 2016 Republican primary and general election” would have to fundamentally change who he is in order to stop spiking the ball, regardless of concerns from others, whom she quotes as being dubbed “cooler heads”, may fear.

The idea that the report may be far more damaging than Trump has so far seemed to expect is not specific to this article, of course. Mediaite founder Dan Abrams on Monday said he does think it will be far worse. And on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, Andrew Napolitano reinforced the idea that the president spiking the ball on exoneration could backfire.

The topic is, conveniently for the press, a distraction from the immediate post-Barr summary hot topic of the media’s errors in judgment and tone regarding collusion for the last two years.

As one person put it to Nuzzi, “it was kind of stunning that so many people were sad and disappointed that any sitting president of the United States was not caught colluding and involved in a conspiracy with a foreign government.”

“It was, it’s just one of those things you can’t wrap your head around.”

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