Not the Nerds You’re Looking For: Florida TV Station Tells ‘Trekkies’ About New Star Wars Trailer

We all make mistakes but some are just unforgivable.

WPTV, a Floridian NBC affiliate, posted this to Facebook after yesterday’s release of the new Star Wars trailer:


Obviously we shouldn’t have to tell you that Trekkies love Star Trek, not Star Wars.

Facebook comments on the channel’s page were mostly from those who were just not having it:

What makes this flub even more monumental is the fact that WPTV’s own Michael Williams was described by the Palm Beach Post in 2013 as “such a Star Trek fan that he wears a Starfleet commander’s uniform to work on Halloween.”

Seriously, he and his wife bonded over Star Trek when they met. How could WPTV have let this slide with that man on staff?

The post by WPTV has now been edited to remove the offending reference.

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