Not The Onion: Real PR Blog Praises ISIS for Successful Branding and Outreach


According to one PR blog, if you want to see a case study in successful branding, look no further than ISIS. 

“ISIS is a group that has learned to promote itself using well-planned marketing and public relations. They have learned to present themselves using very sophisticated PR approaches and methods,” writes Aaron Sarno in a blog post entitled “What We Can Learn About Successful PR From ISIS” published at Everything-PR News.

(The fact that the group is also called ISIL and Daesh would seem, to a casual observer, to be an indicator that the brand is not very strong — but what do we know?)

Sarno points to ISIS’ successfully harnessing the power of social media and video to bolster their recruitment effort and their attacks on major world cities, such as Paris. These attacks allow ISIS “to market and brand their cause and objectives, a masterful bit of Public Relations,” he writes.

“Branding can be dismissed, but when your brand is front and center internationally from a PR perspective, it can jump your views and intentions allowing the masses to instantly know, and maybe identify with, your brand,” Sarno concludes.

[image: EdgeThreeSixty CC BY 2.0]

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