Now the World Knows if Paul Ryan Thinks Donald Trump is a Fascist

ryanSpeaker of the House Paul Ryan is somewhat hot-and-cold when it comes to commenting on Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, blasting him one minute, coming to peace with him the next, and at Tuesday’ s Republican House Leadership press conference, insisting that he wouldn’t “take the bait today” by weighing in on Trump. One reporter did manage to crack Ryan’s resolve, asking him if he agrees with critics who say Trump is “authoritarian” and “fascist”:

Reporter: Yesterday, Elizabeth Warren said that Donald Trump is authoritarian, and prior to that, the Mexican president said he’s a fascist. You’ve talked with him, you’ve dealt with him, what do you think of…

Ryan: I don’t see it that way.

These days, it’s hard to tell whether Ryan was damning Trump with faint praise, or praising him with faint damnation, but either way, one thing is clear. Paul Ryan did not want to answer any questions about Donald Trump, but he had an even greater need for Trump to know he doesn’t see him as an authoritarian or a fascist.

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