NPR’s Scott Simon – A Face for Video!


It may still be possible to divide the world into three categories of morning news consumption: those who get it from newspapers, those who get it from cable television, and those who get it from NPR.

I stopped buying the paper a while ago (notwithstanding the Sunday Times), and those of you who listened to the podcast run by myself and Steve Krakauer while we were still at will already know that I am not a consumer of cable TV. So that lands me firmly in the NPR category. I am not alone. NPR has a LOT of listeners. Something to the tune of 30 million per week. Weekend Edition Saturday alone has 4.2 million listeners – which gives it, on average, 400,000 more people than Meet the Press, and 1 million more than This Week.

Those sorts of numbers would also explain why Weekend Edition host Scott Simon has 661,000 Twitter followers. Today. That’s 10,000 more than it was yesterday, so it’s anyone’s guess where he’ll be by week’s end!

Mediaite ran into Scott Simon at last week’s Personal Democracy Forum and he was kind enough to chat with us. (Actually we didn’t so much run into him as recognize his voice across a room during a panel and follow him out the door. Some people get excited over Anderson Cooper, some people get excited over NPR hosts!) In this segment of the video, he talks about the influence Twitter has had on his journalism, among other things.

Twitter as a research tool:


The challenges facing radio:

The changing mainstream (plus, red socks):

(Note: Apologies for the sound; it was the best we could manage under circumstances. Cinematography and occasional off-camera commentary by Rachel Sklar. Further editing done by Zeke Turner).

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