NRA Debuts Intense New Ad: It’s Us Against the World

At the NRA’s annual convention on Saturday, Wayne LaPierre unveiled a new ad the group is planning to air on TV and boy, is it a doozy. The ad is very evocative of a movie trailer for some inspirational drama, complete with b-roll of average Americans and sweeping, dramatic music to convey a simple message: it’s us against the world now. Who’s with the good guys?

The people featured in the ad declare things like “You are surrounded by a world where mad men are famous and good ones forgotten” and “‘The good guys are a lie,’ they laugh. Everyone’s corrupted.” It stakes out a clear position that there are “good guys” in the world fighting against the “hypocrites, chameleons, bullies, and yes-men.”

After showing the ad, LaPierre declares, “Ours is a national movement. Right now it’s sweeping the country in homes, in churches, in coffee houses, in PTA meetings.”

Watch the video below:

[h/t Ana Marie Cox]
[photo via screengrab]

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