comScore NRA Spox to Parents of Slain WDBJ Reporter: Don’t Make Guns the ‘Enemy’

NRA Spox to Parents of Slain WDBJ Reporter: Don’t Make Guns the ‘Enemy’

Alison Parker‘s father Andy has been calling for gun control in numerous television appearances ever since her horrific on-air murder alongside Adam Ward last week. Today, an NRA spokesman got back to him with a message asking him not to get “so emotional” that guns start “looking like the enemy.”

Spokesman Colion Noir reiterated the organization’s familiar line that gun control calls following tragic shootings are based on emotion rather than logic. Noir conceded that he had no right to tell the Parkers how to grieve, but still spoke about what he thought they should be doing.

“Grief-inspired advocacy can be extremely effective and powerful,” said Noir, “and I say run full speed to find a way to end violence like this. However, sometimes in a fight we can become so emotional everyone and thing starts looking like the enemy, even if they’re there to help us. I’m deeply sorry for your loss.”

He also blasted similar control calls from Hillary Clinton, Terry McAuliffe, and others in wake of the murders.

“They try to take advantage of people’s ignorance about guns and their emotional response to horrible events to win votes and push an agenda that fosters an unhealthy dependence on the government,” Noir said.

You can watch the video here:

UPDATE – 2:20 P.M. ET Alison Parker’s father Andy responded to Noir’s video today on CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello. Parker accused the NRA of having the same knee-jerk reaction that they accused control advocates of having, and that Noir’s message was “insulting and disingenuous.” Parker agreed with Noir as far as mental issues go, but said that they have an intrinsic tie with guns every time a crazy person causes a tragic shooting.

You can watch Parker’s answer here: via Media Matters.

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