NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Tells CPAC Crowd That Far-Left Protesters Are Paid $1500 a Week

At the beginning of his Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) speech today, National Rifle Association (NRA) leader Wayne LaPierre not only embraced the latest conservative talking point that liberals are getting paid to protest, but he actually stated the amount of their paychecks.

Asking the crowd if they’re “ready to get their country back on the right track,” LaPierre told them that he was glad they were “pumped up,” and that they have a “real fight” on their hands. Why? Because the “far-left have turned protesting into what seems like a full-time profession.”

“Seriously, you would think that for $1500 a week they would at least know what they are protesting,” LaPierre stated. “Half of them can’t even tell you.”

The NRA chief added, “One thing is for sure, we’ve all seen just how violent they can be.” He would go on to describe the “leftist movement” as enraged and violent while claiming they have billions of dollars thanks to George Soros.

For the record, there is no evidence that professional protesters are being paid by Soros or any other organizations.

Watch the clip above, via CSPAN.

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