‘Nuclear Boy’ Cartoon Teaches Japanese Children About The Fukushima Plant, Flatulence

As the concerns over Fukushima’s Daiichi plant continue to make headlines, one has to wonder: How do you explain a possible nuclear crisis to young, impressionable children? It’s a daunting task, certainly, but nothing a little poo can’t help.

Meet “Nuclear Boy.” He’s a bit of a blockhead (I’m here all week, folks) and has something of an…embarrassing medical condition. Luckily, doctors are on call around-the-clock to supply our flatulent little friend with his much-needed medicine: sea water and boron.

As Nuclear Boy’s short animated video explains, Three-Mile-Island and Chernobyl also had to deal with “stinky” issues of their own, but the bad smells in Japan will go away in about a week’s time. Chernobyl Boy apparently enjoys mainlining ice cream despite his lactose intolerance, not unlike certain blogger’s significant others, and found himself, well. With a bit of a problem:

The video has its relatively serious moments, gently talking young viewers through a worst case scenario and making sure children understand the sacrifices made by the “doctors” treating Nuclear Boy.

Better fear of drowning in poo than confusion over news reports about hazardous radiation, we suppose.

Have a look:

h/t Time

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