Number of Potentially Classified Hillary Clinton Emails Balloons to 305

hillaryOnly a few days after The Washington Times reported that 60 Hillary Clinton emails had been flagged for classified information, the State Department reported to a federal judge that that number of potentially classified emails had risen to 305.

“More than 300 of former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails — or 5.1 percent of those processed so far — have been flagged for potential secret information,” the Times’ Stephen Dinan reports. “…If the rate of potentially secret information remains steady, more than 1,500 messages will have to be sent to intelligence community agencies… to screen out classified information.”

The State Department made the revelations as part of a court filing explaining why they were so behind schedule when it came to releasing Clinton’s emails. According to the State Department, the need to screen Clinton’s emails for classified information has slowed the process considerably.

Clinton continues to maintain that during her tenure as Secretary of State, she never intentionally sent any emails that were marked classified at the time.

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