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NY Post: Huma Abedin Is Taking A Break From Work… And From Anthony Weiner

Huma Abedin, a deputy chief of staff and aide to Hillary Clinton, is taking some time off work in the wake of her husband’s “sexting” scandal. While Anthony Weiner seeks help and public atonement for his online flirtations, Abedin, who is currently pregnant with the couple’s child, will spend time away from the public eye at an undisclosed location.

The New York Post – not exactly a publication that’s been rooting in Weiner’s corner – offers a glimpse into the couple’s current struggle:

The source who disclosed Huma’s plans to be away from Weiner said his efforts to choose his successor, like his being spotted buying a bouquet of flowers for her, are “his lame attempts to deflect all of the negative publicity” he’s garnered since the sexting scandal broke.

+500 points for including the phrase “Premature Evacuation” in their article’s URL.

While apologizing for his actions during a lengthy press conference, Weiner shared that he and his wife have no plans to separate.

h/t NYP

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