NY Times Executive Editor Mocks ‘Fox & Friends Coverage,’ in Trump Zinger

Dean Baquet

The B-story from James Comey’s memo has been the seemingly casual suggestion from President Donald Trump asked him to consider putting journalists in jail.

That idea didn’t sit well with New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet. In an interview with the Washington Post, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist managed to zing both Fox News and the President in just one sentence.

“He doesn’t understand our role. He wants ‘Fox & Friends’ coverage instead,” he told Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan. The two previously worked together at the Times, where Sullivan served as the paper’s indefatigable Public Editor.

“The biggest and most important stories of recent years” wouldn’t have been done without classified leaks, Baquet told the Post. “These are not even debatable as things the American people need to know.”

The Post story came after President Trump welcomed Turkey’s authoritarian leader, to the White House, while his personal security goons attacked and beat protestors outside the Turkish embassy in D.C. — because that’s the new normal we live

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