NY Times Public Editor Responds to Critics Saying Paper ‘Ignores’ IRS

Margaret Sullivan, the public editor for The New York Times, took on complaints today that the paper has been ignoring the IRS scandal and not giving it the coverage it deserves. And while Sullivan acknowledged that they were somewhat “late” to the scene, she defended the Times coverage of the “politically charged events.”

Sullivan posts an email she got from a Times reporter who’s done a number of stories about the IRS. David Joachim argues that they’ve “paid copious attention” to the story. One conservative complaint this week, however, is not that the Times hasn’t been covering it at all, but that they didn’t think it was a front-page story and threw it a couple of pages in.

Sullivan goes on to admit the Times wasn’t on the story from the very beginning, but now that they are, they’re giving the IRS controversy the coverage it needs.

The Times was somewhat late in beginning to cover the latest development about the lost emails. My office had begun to field several days’ worth of reader protests on the lack of attention when the first story finally went online. Despite that slow start and the quiet display of the subsequent stories (an analytical piece might have been a good choice for the front page), The Times has given its readers insightful coverage of a situation heavily clouded by partisan politics.

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