NY Times Readers Overwhelmingly Agree with Marijuana Legalization

Some of The New York Times’ most prominent columnists may disagree with the paper’s call for a national repeal of the ban on marijuana, but its readers are overwhelming for it. Accompanying the paper’s “Repeal Prohibition, Again” editorial that appeared online and in print this weekend is a comments section in which readers were asked to categorize themselves as “For Legalization,” “Against Legalization” or “Unsure.”

As of Monday morning at 10 a.m. ET, the post has received 4,617 moderated responses. Of those, 3,861 are “for,” while only 202 are “against.” Another 39 fall in the “unsure” category. That’s a whopping 84% approval rate for legalization of the drug. In an another article that ran in the Times this weekend about public perception of marijuana, the paper cited a 2013 poll that showed 54% of Americans supporting legalization, up from a mere 12% back in 1969:

Of course, the type of person who reads The New York Times online and this piece in particular, probably leans to the left and is more likely to support marijuana legalization. But it is notable that backlash to the editorial position, at least in form of these formal, public responses has been extremely minimal.

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