NY Times, WaPo Fawn Over Each Other’s Reporting; Twitter Rolls Its Eyes


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The New York Times and The Washington Post showed each other some love on Twitter today.

The Twitter account of the Times promoted the piece by James B. Stewart by touting how the author was prompted to become “a @WashingtonPost subscriber after Monday’s Russia scoop.” A minute later, it gave a shout-out to the Post with a #FF (Follow Friday) Tweet linking to the the newspaper’s account.

The Post‘s Twitter account responded with this X-Files GIF:

As you might expect, this led to a number of positive and negative reactions from other Twitters users. There were more than a few “get a room” replies from journalists at other media outlets:

It should be pointed out that within minutes of the exchange between the two newspapers, each had published a new expose involving President Donald Trump and the ongoing Russia controversy. This timing didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter:

[image via screengrab]

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