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NYC Arrest Rate Reportedly Plunges Following Call for NYPD ‘Slowdown’

In potentially the biggest sign yet that relations between the NYPD and City Hall have reached some melodramatic crisis stage, the New York Post reports that arrest rates have plummeted in Gotham since the Policemen’s Benevolent Association called for a “slowdown” in response to the ambush-style murder of two NYPD officers in Bedstuy two weeks ago.

Per the Post, overall arrests are down 66%, drug arrests down by 84%, and tickets for traffic violations and low-level crimes down 94% over this time last year.

“Police sources said Monday that safety concerns were the main reason for the drop-off in police activity, but added that some cops were mounting an undeclared slowdown in protest of de Blasio’s response to the non-indictment in the police chokehold death of Eric Garner,” the Post wrote.

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PBA head Pat Lynch escalated tensions when he effectively blamed Mayor Bill de Blasio for the murder of the two police officers two weeks ago. NYPD officers then turned their backs on the mayor during the funeral for officer Rafael Ramos last Saturday and heckled him at the NYPD graduation ceremony yesterday.

Meanwhile, NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton worked overtime on the Sunday shows to read the department/City Hall dispute in the wider context of a protracted contract dispute.

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