NYC Blogging Illuminati Young Manhattanite Seize Deadspin

Picture 4Hostile takeover! Blogger coup! Get the big guns! Call Nick Denton? Nope — false alarm — it’s just Young Manhattanite guest blogging the weekend at lawsuit magnet/sports blog Deadspin. That’s right, just a couple of friends sharing their blogs and hiding behind anonymous bylines. Nothing to see here! But isn’t Foster busy with the flagship? Him being the mouthiest and all, how are they turning out any content at all?

Let’s rewind a bit for those still reading that are not apart of the New York City clusterstock, or as we like to call them here at Mediaite, birthers. Not “teabaggers” — that’s rude. Kidding, commenters, Fox News rocks.

Anyway! This crew — who go by the group moniker Young Manhattanite and boast a high Tumblarity — are headed by shadowy patriarch Andrew Krucoff, who reigns over a stable of ball-busters, including a Giants-loving Mediaite contributor. And today, they’re guest-starring ex-Idolator (don’t click, it’s bad now!) editor Maura Johnston. Talk about a kid’s blogging heroes.

So far today at the Gawker Media jock-stop they’ve already announced No Tiger Saturday and made a “swollen-and-tingling” joke about Lee Corso. But those Winter Olympics jokes are too easy. And isn’t that called double-dipping?

It’s going to be a long weekend! But it will also be worth a read because it’s funny. At least punny. Good luck “getting it,” though, if you’re not a city-dwelling heathen (or Jewish!). Redundant? Play ball.

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