NYC Mayor Is Reportedly Really ‘Pissed’ at Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton is known for being quite the provocateur, and some things he said at a public roundtable recently apparently really pissed off New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. De Blasio organized a public roundtable on police violence, in the wake of the death of Eric Garner after an officer put him in a chokehold.

Sharpton was one of the community leaders in attendance, and he was seated immediately to the mayor’s left. But Sharpton did not hesitate to be direct and confrontational with de Blasio. At one point he told de Blasio, “If we are going to just play spin games, I’ll be the worst enemy because I am tired of seeing people bury their kin.”

But Sharpton also invoked de Blasio’s African-American son Dante in a somewhat personal manner. He said, “If Dante wasn’t your son, he’d been candidate for a chokehold. And we’ve got to deal with that reality.”

Well, The New York Post reports that de Blasio is furious that Sharpton humiliated him in a public forum like that. One source said that the mayor “was really pissed at what Sharpton did,” and he felt that the civil rights leader “embarrassed” him after he gave him that prominent seat at the table.

You can watch part of Sharpton’s remarks below:

[h/t Gothamist]
[image via screengrab]

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