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NYPD Disposes of Bikes Along Obama Route Just in Time for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, everyone! It’s a day where we all need to sit back and think about how to do our part in saving this beautiful, blue orb we call home. One way we can do it is by riding bicycles instead of cars to work, something that many people who have to navigate the congested streets of New York City do every day. Unfortunately, as the New York gay lifestyle blog This Is FYF reported, hundreds of those New Yorkers had their bikes taken without warning by the NYPD who was looking for potential pipe bombs along the route to Obama’s Wall Street speech. Happy Earth Day, indeed.

From This Is FYF:

Citing security concerns that bikes might be secret pipe bombs, NYPD officers clipped the locks of hundreds of bikes along Houston Street this morning in preparation for President Obama’s speech at Cooper Union. The bikes were unceremoniously put in the back of the truck. There was no prior notification of the bikes needing to be cleared along the route by NYPD and onlookers were not given information as to what would become of the bikes.

Obviously the president’s safety is more important than any bicycle, but it’s definitely is some pretty ironic timing and could be some bad PR for the NYPD. As for Obama, he’ll be dealing with some worse PR today.

(Photo via Anthony Rebholz and This Is FYF)

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