NYPD Take Person of Interest Into Custody for Double Homicide of New York Imam

UnknownNew York police have taken a man in for questioning in connection with the shooting death of an Imam and his assistant in Queens over the weekend.

The killing of Imam Alala Uddin Akongi and assistant Thara Uddin has left the community devastated ever since they were shot in the head on Saturday while walking through Ozone Park. While he has not been identified or charged, New York Post reports that a suspect has been detained over the execution.

Police sources for the Post and for New York Daily News seemed to indicate that the killer knew the Imam’s schedule, and that the murder might be part of local friction between the Muslim and Hispanic communities. The suspect was said to have “gotten sloppy” as he tried to drive away after the shooting, and a cyclist took down the car’s license plate number and gave it to police after his bike as it was leaving.

The NYPD was surveilling the suspect early Monday as they wait for a warrant to search his home, but they brought him in after the suspect rammed a cop car. Investigators have yet to formally declare a motive for the deaths of Akongi and Uddin.

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