NYT Social Media Editor Not Very Social

picture-81In May, shortly after folding the City section of its Sunday edition, the New York Times announced it had hired that section’s editor Jennifer Preston to be their new Social Media Editor — a somewhat confusing move for those who were under the impression they already had that department covered with the like of David Carr, Brian Stelter and Soraya Darabi!

A short six weeks later the eagle-eyed folks over at NYTPicker have picked up on the fact that Preston, who only activated her Twitter account on the day she was hired to the position, hasn’t tweeted in a month.

Considering the Times considerable social media presence perhaps hers position is less a lead by example one, than a do as I say not as I do one. Or perhaps someone needs to remind her Twitter is the new King maker!


She may not like to share but Preston apparently listens! She’s updated three times today!


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