Obama Admin Imposes New Round of Sanctions on Putin’s Allies

Declaring that “Russia has done nothing to meet its Geneva commitments and in fact has further escalated the crisis,” the Obama administration announced Monday morning an additional round of sanctions on Russian individuals and businesses.

This new round targets several individuals close to Russian President Vladimir Putin with asset freezes and visa bans, as well as seventeen Russian businesses with asset freezes. The Department of Commerce will also impose export restrictions on high-tech companies, to disrupt the transfer of items helpful to the Russian military.

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The White House has been criticized for dragging its feet on harsher sanctions, especially as pro-Russian separatists, who are largely seen to be working in concert with Moscow, have generally caused havoc across eastern Ukraine in the past two weeks. However, the Obama administration has stressed the need to work in partnership with the European Union, which is more dependent on Russian energy resources, complicating the process.

The administration added that it would seek additional penalties if Russia continues to antagonize Ukraine, likely sectoral sanctions that will punish key sectors of the Russian economy (but could also affect European economies in the process).

Read the White House’s full statement HERE.

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