Obama Campaign Web Ad Features People Confused About When Romney Left Bain

A new web ad released on Wednesday from President Barack Obama‘s campaign is focusing on the theme of raising questions about the true length of Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital. The web ad focuses on a report in the Boston Globe from last week that examined Romney’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings and determined that he had claimed to be the owner of Bain after 1999, when he says he ceased to function in a management capacity.

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The ad features several “man on the street” interviews with people reading Romney’s statement claiming that he maintained ownership of the firm Bain after he left in 1999 to manage the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. Romney’s filings indicate that he maintained ownership of Bain and served on corporate boards that were linked to Bain well after his official departure in 1999. took aim at the implication in the Boston Globe article, saying that Romney would be guilty of a felony if he had misled the SEC on his filings. Some high ranking staffers with the Obama campaign went on to give voice to that claim and raised questions if Romney was indeed guilty of attempting to defraud the SEC.

Watch the Obama Campaign’s web ad below:

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