Obama Caught Using The Exact Same Line When Talking To Multiple Foreign Leaders

Just earlier today, I was giving President Obama some grief for using the same joke multiple times. However, a good joke’s a good joke, so who can blame him? This, however, is a bit more embarrassing. A Danish TV show, Detektor, has realized that Obama uses the exact same cheesy line over and over again when complimenting the countries of the foreign leaders he’s meeting with.

In the clip, Detektor’s host Thomas Buch-Andersen presents clip after clip of Obama announcing that different countries “punch above their weight class,” a line that BuzzFeed points out is pretty darn patronizing. And that’s the first time you hear it.

But, hey, it’s not that bad. Perhaps this is just Obama’s way to show that, despite the world’s arbitrary national boundaries, we as humans are all the same. We’re all bound together by crappy cliché expressions.

What a lovely thought.

Watch the clip from Detektor below:

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