Obama Expresses ‘Enormous Frustration’ with GOP at Democratic Fundraiser

President Barack Obama told the attendees of a Democratic fundraiser in Boston on Wednesday that he was more vexed by his political opponents in the Republican Party than usual. He voiced “enormous frustration” with the GOP’s efforts to block his legislative agenda.

“Sometimes people ask me, ‘Man, how do you stay optimistic because it just seems like a bunch of problems piling up on your desk, and it doesn’t seem like you’re getting a lot of help from the other side?’” Obama told a group of donors, according to a report in The Hill.

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Obama said that the government shutdown had significantly lowered the regard with which the public held Washington and described the past year, which included the Newtown massacre in December of last year and the Boston Marathon bombing, as a “challenging” one for the nation.

“We would have hoped that coming out of those two tragedies that we would see a new spirit in Congress of people pulling together, and rolling up sleeves, and working on the things a broad spectrum of Americans agree on, but that’s not what we got,” Obama said. “Instead, we got more obstruction and more resistance to getting anything done, most recently culminating in a shutdown that was entirely unnecessary.”

h/t The Hill

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