Obama: HCR Deserves Same Up-Or-Down Vote Both Bush Tax Cuts Got

Our long national nightmare — currently known as the Health Care debate — will likely soon be over! Or so we are told. President Obama today called for a final vote in a 15 minute address (video below) saying that he believes “the United States Congress owes the American people a final vote on health care reform.”

Final vote, is of course at this point a euphemism for what will likely be a ‘up-or-down vote’ which itself is the White House’s preferred euphemism for ‘reconciliation rules’ — GOP cooperation is a dream from the bygone era of January 2009. To that point here’s what Obama had to say:

“[The health bill] deserves the same kind of up-or-down vote that was cast on welfare reform, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, Cobra health coverage for the unemployed, and both Bush tax cuts.”

Which is basically the polite way of saying quit it with your hypocritical nuclear references, reconciliation works on both sides of the aisle! Video of the entire speech below.

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