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Obama: I Want GOP to Be ‘Well-Functioning… But That’s Not What We Have Now’

Barack ObamaFor as much as President Obama has mocked the GOP and their presidential candidates, he said last night he genuinely wants to see the party get its act together.

According to multiple reports, the president spoke at another big Democratic fundraiser last night and went after Republicans quite a lot, from Senate obstructionism on the Supreme Court to how “messed up” the GOP-led House is.

He spent a lot of time talking up the importance of getting more Democrats elected in the fall, talking about making democracy function and how their ideological fights aren’t nearly as vast as the GOP’s.

The president admitted he wants to see an opposition party that’s rational and “well-functioning… but that’s not what we have now and that’s why this election is so important.”

Both Obama and Hillary Clinton have been very consistent in lumping Donald Trump in with all the other Republicans, and the president did that again too last night.

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