Obama Jokes About Having A “Fake ID” At Kennedy Center Honors

obama_12-7Wow, President Obama telling Jew jokes. Even though they’re by and about Mel Brooks, it’s still hilarious to see him deliver this line: “Look at Jewish history: Unrelieved lamenting would be intolerable. So every ten Jews, God designed one to be crazy and amuse the others.”

Obama honored to Brooks, Bruce Springsteen, Robert de Niro, jazzman Dave Brubeck and opera singer Grace Bumbry for their cultural contributions last night at the Kennedy Center Honors. Obama, who shines in these particular situations (guess this is the fun part of being president), made what seemed an off the cuff remark about going to see Blazing Saddles as a ten-year-old — a movie that no ten year old should have been able to get into, according to the MPAA ratings. Joked Obama with a knowing smile: “I think I had a fake ID.” It took about a beat for the crowd to get it, but they definitely did. Said Obama: “But I think the Statute of Limitations has passed.” Aw damn, Orly Taitz! So close.

Great speech about Mel Brooks, who really is a legend. Watch it below.

Obama Honors Springsteen, De Niro [AFP]

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