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Obama Makes Surprise Visit To Afghanistan, Media Left With Few Details

President Barack Obama made a surprise trip today, touching down in Kabul, Afghanistan to visit the country for the first time since he took office. Afghan President Hamid Karzai was notified about the American President’s arrival just an hour before he showed up, and the trip has been kept under such tight secrecy that reporters were only allowed to write about the event after Obama departed. CNN’s Candy Crowley quickly rounded up a bunch of pundits for speculation on State Of The Union, though with so little information flowing out, it’s mostly a guessing game.

At least it’s not unprecedented: Last year Obama made a similar “surprise” trip to Iraq to visit the troops. So far, the media has been repeating the same facts from the newswires put out earlier this morning with little variation except to provide context (Osama Bin Laden‘s message two days ago, the 30,000 extra troops deployed to the region), although we should be seeing a video released in the next hour or so of the president’s trip. He will only be in the region for approximately 2 more hours.

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