Obama To Supporters: Romney Wants You To Pay More So ‘People Like Him Can Get A Big Tax Cut’

President Obama slammed Mitt Romney on the campaign trail today, touting a new study by the Tax Policy Center finding that Romney’s tax plan would impose higher tax burdens on middle- and lower-class Americans while cutting taxes for those in high-income households. Obama told the audience that Romney is pushing this economic plan to give tax cuts to “people like him.”

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Obama was speaking in Ohio earlier today when he brought up the report and used it to go after the Republican candidate’s economic policies.

“He’s not asking you to pay more to pay down the deficit,” Obama said. “He’s not asking you to pay more to invest in our children’s education or to rebuild our roads or put more folks back to work. He’s asking you to pay more so that people like him can get a big tax cut.”

“In order to afford just one $250,000 tax cut for somebody like Mr. Romney, 125 families like yours would have to pay another $2,000 in taxes every year,” Obama warned. “Does that seem like a good plan for economic growth? Does that sound like a plan you can afford? How many of you want to pay another $2,000 to give Mr. Romney or me another tax break?”

A Romney spokesman responded to the president by dismissing the report as the latest in a number of “liberal studies calling for more tax hikes and more government spending.”


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