Obama Will Not Meet with Netanyahu During Washington Visit

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Washington, D.C. in March, he may deliver a speech to Congress. But he will not be meeting with President Barack Obama.

After House Speaker John Boehner extended an invitation to Netanyahu to appear before Congress during his U.S. trip, the White House described the speaker’s actions as a breach of diplomatic protocol.

Now, the White House is saying that Obama will not meet with Netanyahu while he is in town, citing the proximity to the Israeli elections. Netanyahu will face Israeli voters for reelection just weeks after the planned trip.

President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu did meet in the Oval Office a little less than four months ago to discuss Israel’s conflict with Gaza and the military operation against ISIS, among other issues. Following that meeting, an anonymous White House official was quoted as calling Netanyahu “chickenshit” and the two leaders’ relationship has never been quite the same since.

[Photo via The White House]

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