Obamacare Approval Rating Returns to Pre-Implementation Levels

In the past twelve months, Obamacare debuted under the cover of a government shutdown, the federal website imploded, extensions were offered, celebrities conscripted, horror stories trotted out and then disproved, and eight million people were enrolled in health insurance plans.

The result? The Affordable Care Act’s approval rating is the same now as it was one year ago. In June of 2013, the law was underwater by eight points; today the law is underwater by eight points, 43-51.

This isn’t to say the ratings have stagnated. You can see the squandered opportunity in the website’s botched rollout — the law’s approval had been trending modestly up, while its opposition, in the wake of the horrifically unpopular government shutdown, relented a bit. However, by the start of the year, those lines had reversed, with a high of 55% disapproving.

Now that the enrollment period is closed and the acrimonious debate has momentarily calmed, opinions on the law have reverted to pre-implementation levels:

The unchanging approval suggests the law didn’t get a discernible bump in support from its strong enrollment finish. However, opposition to the law is at its lowest since the implementation began; the question, especially for vulnerable congressional Democrats, is whether it will continue to eek down along this three-month trend, or if opinion on the law has returned to its apparent default.

[h/t Gallup]

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