Obama’s LGBT Heckler Writes Op-Ed Explaining Motivation

screen_shot_2015-06-24_at_3.04.49_pm-300x182Jennicet Gutiérrez, the transgender undocumented immigrant who heckled President Barack Obama during a speech Wednesday wrote an op-ed for LGBT newspaper Washington Blade explaining why she did so.

“I was fortunate to be invited to the White House to listen to President Obama’s speech recognizing the LGBTQ community and the progress being made,” Gutiérrez writes. “But while he spoke of ‘trans women of color being targeted,’ his administration holds LGBTQ and trans immigrants in detention. I spoke out because our issues and struggles can no longer be ignored.”

“Immigrant trans women are 12 times more likely to face discrimination because of our gender identity…” she continued. “Transgender immigrants make up one out of every 500 people in detention, but we account for one out of five confirmed sexual abuse cases in ICE custody.”

“It is heartbreaking to see how raising these issues were received by the president and by those in attendance. In the tradition of how Pride started, I interrupted his speech because it is time for our issues and struggles to be heard. I stood for what is right. Instead of silencing our voices, President Obama can also stand and do the right thing for our immigrant LGBTQ community.”

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