Of Course! Vladimir Putin’s Campaign Ad Features Sex, Techno Music

Disclosure: I’ve never been to Russia, much less participated in one of its elections. But from what I’m able to piece together based on this ad for Vladimir Putin‘s United Russia Party, their voting process is ever so slightly different from our own. Here in the States, for example, one enters a voting booth prepared to get entirely screwed over, but in democratic RussiaYou screw the voting process! Literally! Remarkable!

The ad shows a nice-looking young woman flirting with a nice-looking young man. The man holds open a voting booth curtain for her, because he is a gentleman. She thanks him by doing something about his hanging chad situation. What I’m saying is he drops a vote in her ballot box. Her punches her tab, you guys.

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They totally [BLEEP].

The ad also includes the Party’s catchy slogan: “Russia: Putin It In You.” No, that’s filthy. It says “Let’s Do It Together.”

Have a look, via GOTV:

h/t Politico

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