Oh, One More Thing: A Scorpion Stung a United Passenger Last Week, Too

An ancient prophecy foretold of the great three with the power to bring man’s greatest innovation crashing from the sky: the little girl, the doctor, and the scorpion.

Just kidding. United Airlines just has really bad luck and a story about a scorpion falling out of an overhead bin and stinging a passenger last Sunday got totally overshadowed by a story about some airline cops beating up a different passenger that same day. These things happen, right?

But so we’re clear, these things happen for United Airlines more than usual, right?

Seriously, from that kid not being allowed to wear leggings to that doctor getting roughed up for not wanting to give up his seat, United has had a bad few weeks, but this scorpion story is next-level in its own way. According to Canada’s Global News, a couple named Richard and Linda Bell were returning to Calgary after a trip to Mexico when a scorpion fell in Richard’s hair. Linda didn’t realize what was going on at first and thought to herself that it looked like a little lobster.

Okay, fine, but little lobsters don’t sting, which is what this critter did after Richard picked it out of his hair.

He’s fine and showed no sign of “distress” when emergency responders showed up.

[image: screengrab]

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