Ohio Radio Station Reports: Japan Earthquake Will Have No Impact On Ohio

The story unfolding in Japan and across the Pacific Rim is certainly a fluid one with new developments coming in nearly every minute. But Miami, Ohio based radio station 93.9 MIA (known for their “feel good music with the most variety”) can now confirm that the “Japanese earthquake will have no impact on Ohio.” Yes, a news source in Ohio is no reporting that the Japanese earthquake (and Tsunami) will have no impact on Ohio.

93.9 reports:

Don’t expect the Japan earthquake to have any impact on Ohio. So reports Michael Hansen of the Ohio Seismic Network.

Even though the state has about 6 minor earthquakes a year, Hansen explains that they usually only felt in the local area where they occur. So far this year there have been no earthquakes in Ohio.

Hansen also contends it’s not unusual for Pacific Rim earthquakes to trigger a tsunami that impacts the U.S.

He says there’s evidence a major tsunami hit Oregon and Washington in 1700, and in 1940 a tsunami hit Hawaii and coastal California.

Hansen explains, large earthquakes happen frequently along the Pacific Rim, and often occur in waves but balancing out on a yearly basis.

This certainly comes as good news to residents of Ohio, but one wonders how residents of neighboring states Michigan, Kentucky and Pennsylvania must be feeling without the confirmation they they may still be impacted.

Screen cap of the webpage below Fark):

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