Olbermann Calls for Roger Goodell to Resign over Ray Rice Punishment

ESPN2’s Keith Olbermann called on NFL Roger Goodell to resign following the commissioner’s Friday press conference defending Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s two game suspension for domestic abuse.

“Whatever Rice did, even if it was the tip of the abuse iceberg, was in the moment and its consequences might be repaired,” Olbermann said. “But what you’ve done, Commissioner, has been after long deliberation. It was premeditated. You did not blurt out ‘only two games’ while suddenly throwing an unexpected figurative punch at every woman in America.”

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Rice was arrested in February after knocking out his then-fiancée Janay Palmer at an Atlantic City casino; his charge was upgraded to aggravated assault after video o the incident emerged.

Olbermann methodically deconstructed Goodell’s arguments, saying that Rice had not shown the awareness and contrition Goodell claimed to have seen, and that the punishment was consistent with the NFL’s policies only insofar as the NFL is terrible about domestic abuse. Olbermann also paired the paltry suspension with other actions of Goodell’s, such as ignoring the issue of concussions and sidestepping the Washington Football Team controversy, and concluded that it was time for Goodell to vamoose.

Watch the clip below:

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