Oliver Dishes on Brexit: ‘My Homeland Is on the Edge of Doing Something Absolutely Insane’


Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver devoted his deep dive on Sunday night’s show to the cutely coined “Brexit,” the movement and maneuver of Britain to remove itself from the European Union. Ahead of the EU vote this week, Oliver, an England native, was uniquely positioned to discuss the perceived benefits of the Brexit, as well as key figures such as former London Mayor Boris Johnson, “a man with both the look and economic insight of Bam Bam from The Flintstones.”

“The benefits of leaving may be overstated,” admits Oliver, who notes that many of the reasons that people in England want to leave the EU, “are bullshit.” The move would usher in almost certain instability to the entire European Union, whose close alliances are largely contingent on the economic lion’s share that Britain provides.

“Immigration policy may not change, hysteria over regulation is a red herring, the cost of membership is reasonable, and the economic benefits of staying appear to outweigh the costs. And yet, polls suggest my homeland is on the edge of doing something absolutely insane,” Oliver said.

However, the Brexit crowd does have something going for them:

“I actually kind of understand because there is an innate British desire to tell Europe to go fuck itself. I feel it too!”

“I understand, but please,” pleaded Oliver, “don’t vote for a Brexit on Thursday.” In typical Last Week Tonight fashion, the show provided a wonderful expletive-filled response for the compatriots to rally around while maintaining membership to the European Union.

Watch the above clip from HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

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