On Radio Show, Hannity Blasts Media for Smearing United Passenger

Today on Sean Hannity‘s radio program, he talked about the United Airlines customer who was dragged from a flight on camera.

He addressed everything that’s happened so far, from the disastrous statements of the airline’s CEO to the criticisms of the police who carried out the dragging, which left the man bloody. Hannity blamed the airline for failing to handle the situation properly, not the police for doing what they were instructed.

He even went on to talk about attempts by some publications to “smear” the man in the video. Fox News contributor Leslie Marshall was brought on to talk about the incident. She pointed out that in the attempted smears, it was revealed that the man was a doctor who’d been convicted of drug-related crimes and lost the ability to practice medicine over a decade ago. She explained that as he’s only had the right to practice back for a few years, his pleas to stay onboard so he could see a patient in time really were a big deal. If he started missing appointments, his license could be revoked again and he could be sued, she claimed.

Hannity was sympathetic to that, saying, “I don’t like what’s happened to him. I have the rap sheet, the backstory about this guy. To me it’s like, ‘Really? We’re going to smear this guy?’ … By the way, that was a 2003 drug-related offense!”

Listen above.

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