Oops! Fox Anchors Accidentally Call It ‘Veterans Day’ Despite Repeatedly Reporting On Memorial Day

Happy Veterans Day!

Wait, what?

On Fox News this past Saturday afternoon, anchors Heather Childers and Gregg Jarrett mistakenly referred to this Monday’s federal holiday as “Veterans Day,” right after a segment about Memorial Day and a weather report with “Memorial Day Forecast” plastered all over the screen.

While reporting on how the oldest living World War II vet plans to spend his Memorial Day, Jarrett correctly named the holiday. But then following the story, Childers said: “Happy Veterans Day, of course!”

Jarrett agreed. “It’s nice to remember veterans as we always do on this Veterans Day. Have a nice and safe holiday weekend.”

Seeing as how Jarrett had just referred to the holiday as “Memorial Day” seconds before, maybe he was just being chivalrous and didn’t want to embarrass his colleague with an on-air correction. Or perhaps he took her literally: Memorial Day is, after all, a veterans’ day.

But then the best part? The next segment began with Childers correctly referring to the holiday as “Memorial Day.” What? How? Likely because, this time, it was in the teleprompter.

Watch below for a few giggles. And Happy Memorial Day!

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