Oops: Iranian News Org Fooled By Onion, Reports ‘Rural Whites’ Prefer Ahmadinejad To Obama

Iran’s Fars News Agency picked up a story today, headlined, “Gallup Poll: Rural Whites Prefer Ahmadinejad To Obama.” Unfortunately for them, the story was neither indication of just how marvelous Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad‘s UN speech was, nor of how many people simply can’t stand Barack Obama. It was a piece from The Onion.

The Onion‘s story reads:

According to the results of a Gallup poll released Monday, the overwhelming majority of rural white Americans said they would rather vote for Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad than U.S. president Barack Obama. […] According to the same Gallup poll, 60 percent of rural whites said they at least respected that Ahmadinejad doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s Muslim.

Fars’ mishap below:

(H/T Business Insider)

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