Oops? Mitt Romney’s Anti-Rick Perry Campaign Ad Uses Media Matters Music

The Mitt Romney campaign has recently released a web-only campaign ad that goes after comments made by Rick Perry at the most recent Fox News GOP debate over the issue of immigration. The video itself is a rather predictable example from the “gotcha politics” playbook, however the music bed underneath may sound familiar to anyone accustomed to watching videos online: it’s the same music bed used by Left Wing media watchdog Media Matters (sturm and drang!)

While the effectiveness of these sorts of campaign ads can never truly be measured in any quantitative way, it seems just as likely that “the Internet” will find the coincidental music choice more interesting than the merits of the campaign ad itself. One can only imagine that in the far reaches of the opinion media universe, someone will make the claim that the Romney campaign is in simpatico with Media Matters, or even worse, is supported by George Soros! (Or at least, let’s hope so.)

Watch the Romney campaign ad below:

Now watch the end of Media Matters’ recent clip of Fox and FriendsGretchen Carlson:

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