Oops: National Enquirer Cover Mistakes Russian Warship for U.S. Destroyer

The infamous National Enquirer had a little snafu when promoting the coming of World War III. The cover of their most recent edition featured a stern Trump looking on in front of a fearsome warship. “Navy Destroyed bound for North Korea,” the tabloid blared.

The only problem — leaving aside cheering for World War III — the Navy destroyer in the image isn’t a navy destroyer at all — at least not the U.S. Navy.

As the eagle eyes at Task & Purpose magazine pointed out, the boat is a rendering of a Sovremennyy-class Russian warship:

To be more precise, the Enquirer’s photo is a computer-enhanced rendering of a Sovremennyy, by an English ship-modeling hobbyist, meant to show other model-builders the Russky sub-hunter’s array of antennae and standing rigging:

Now, in the universe of screw ups, it may not be that bad. The Enquirer has previously speculated that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the Kennedy assassination and their chief political commentator is the famously disingenuous ex-Fox News pundit Dick Morris.

But… just add this one to this list.

[image via screengrab]

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