Anti-Gay Marriage Judge Investigated for Placing Hitler Photo in Courtroom

PicMonkey Collage - DayAn Oregon circuit court judge is currently facing a state ethics investigation, not only for refusing to wed same-sex couples on religious grounds, but also for placing a picture of Adolf Hitler in his courtroom.

The Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability announced on Tuesday that Vance Day was facing numerous complaints regarding these issues, as well as accompanying allegations for intentionally misleading statements and permitting a veteran with a felony to handle a gun.

A report from The Guardian indicates that Day was screening applicants to find gay couples, whom he would refuse to perform a wedding ceremony.

A spokesman for Day said that though he was not given permission to post the Nazi leader’s image, the Hitler photo was meant to honor WWII veterans, instead of fascism. “We went to war against Hitler,” spokesman Patrick Korten said. “His picture was there. It was not admiringly. It was him as the epitome of the enemy that we went to fight against.”

Day is accused of several other acts and statements that violate the state Code of Judicial Conduct and the state Constitution. IB Times reported that court documents suggest that Day may have taken money from veterans group lawyers to hang artwork around his courthouse, and several other actions that reflect badly on Day’s character.

[h/t Oregon Live]
[image via Marion County Circuit Court]

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