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O’Reilly Factor: ‘Is It Time To Profile?’

profileFox Business Host Eric Bolling was subbing in today for a vacationing Bill O’Reilly and introduced the hot-topic on cable news of late – airport security. But rather than pussyfoot around the issue, Bolling dove right in, asking if the failed attack on Flight 253 means that its “time to profile”. Guest Ann Coulter quickly agreed, while Matthew Littman, former adviser to the Obama Campaign, demurred.

As Allahpundit notes at Hot Air, its not clear what sort of profiling Bolling is suggesting:

I assume they mean racial profiling — if they mean religious, how do you prove that a suspected jihadi is Muslim when he says he’s Christian? — but if so, this is a singularly bad case for that argument. For one thing, one of the likely reasons AQ chose Abdulmutallab for the mission is because he doesn’t fit the typical Arab/Pakistani racial profile.

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