O’Reilly: ‘For His Own Good,’ Trump Must Watch His Tweeting ‘If He Wants to be President Again’

Bill O’Reilly cautioned that President Donald Trump‘s Twitter habits may endanger his possible re-election, in an interview to One America News Network Thursday.

The former Fox News host spoke to Patrick Hussion and he started by ripping the “corruption of news industry,” the “hateful commentators,” and the “George Soros funded PACs” leading boycott campaigns against his old network. When the conversation eventually arrived on the state of the economy, O’Reilly said Trump won’t get a second term if economic growth takes a dive and he cannot grow his support base by 2020.

While he doesn’t think media criticism of Trump can impact the stock market, O’Reilly cautioned that “he’s gotta watch what he tweets” because of the destabilizing effect they can have.

“If you’re gonna say ‘I’m a tariff guy…that’s not gonna help the markets,” O’Reilly said. “For his own good, if he wants to be president again, [he] needs to bring it down as best he can and run on a strong economy. Whatever he can do to strengthen that economy, which means maybe fewer tweets, he should do.”

It should be noted that, as of this writing, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down by approximately 450 points. This comes amid major fluctuations from the last two trading days, along with Trump’s recent defense of tariffs amid his trade wars with China.

Watch above, via OANN.

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